STAR LESSONS is based on the Finnish education expertise!

STAR LESSONS is a Finnish online practical pedagogy curriculum for teacher training and for teachers' professional development. The objective is to enhance the knowledge and competence of teachers in 21st century pedagogies, pedagogical models, practices and digital learning skills. 

Teachers can take ideas to their classrooms (to mathematics, languages, science and other subjects) to create pedagogically meaningful learning opportunities for their students, and promote their capacity to learn. The curriculum has a strong emphasis on self-reflection. Star Lessons courses suit well K-12 teachers and teacher students; even university teachers benefit from them. A certificate is issued upon a request to those who have completed a course.

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Develop your competences

Star Lessons will teach you different ways to activate your students during their studies. Activation is a key element in inspiring and engaging students. Teachers will learn to design different kinds of learning processes, and to create a variety of learning situations to achieve the intended learning outcomes. Many of the 21st century skills are embedded in the curriculum’s lessons, for example problem-solving, communication and collaboration, ‘learning to learn’, and how to create, evaluate, and effectively use information, as well as how student work portfolios can be used to demonstrate the skills. The curriculum is presented in small, concrete segments which can be easily applied in teaching practice. Teachers will learn to design engaging, pedagogically meaningful learning assignments and working instructions. They will learn to create and design effective user/learner activities and experiences. These assignments and activities can be used in classrooms and also later, in working life. They form the basis for competence in ‘life-long learning.’

How to study a lesson?

Each lesson is well instructed for self-study. You will study watching videos, listening to podcasts, reading texts, taking notes, and designing your teaching practices. Each lesson contains self-assessment and reflection.

Listen to a podcast sample "Preparing learners for learning"

Watch a video sample "Multidisciplinary learning"